Scouter Rob's Badges

Want I am looking to trade for or purchase one.
Enroute I have one being shipped to me.
Collection I have one in my collection.
Trade I have one I want to trade.
Swapped I have already traded this badge.
Badge Trading at CJ'13

Welcome to Scouter Rob's Canadian Scout Badge Trading Website

I created this web site to help facilitate badge trades. As a youth I participated in Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venturers for 10 years, as Pack Leader for three years and now as a Troop Leader. This has allowed me to assemble a personal badge collection spanning almost 40 years.

If you are interested, you can view my Recent Additions to see the latest badges I have added to my collection.



When browsing the different web pages, use the filters at the top to focus on the badges I have to Trade or Want. For serious bulk trading, you may find it more convenient to review my complete Wants and Traders lists using the links in the table below. For those who are familiar with the Canadian Badger's Catalog coding system I have provided my lists with just the coding, in an annotated form that includes the badge coding and names, and a thumbnail version that includes the coding, names and an image of the badge. All cataloged badges are coded acccording to the latest catalog, Edition 9.1 dated March 1, 2020. These lists obviously only include CBC catalogued badges. There are also lists of non-catalogued badges that includes the names and an image of each badge. These lists include many different types of Scout badges.

Wants List
Traders List
CBC Catalogued Badges
(coding only)
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CBC Catalogued Badges
(coding and names)
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CBC Catalogued Badges
(thumbnails, coding and names)
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Non-catalogued Badges
(thumbnails and names)
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If you have reviewed my website previously and would like to know which badges I have added recently for trading, you can check out the Recent Additions for Trading page.

When you have identified some badges you would like to trade, use the Contact Scouter Rob webpage to send me the details of the trade.



Ottawa Scout Badge Trade-o-ree

Had an opportunity to attend the Ottawa Scout Badge Trade-o-ree at the beginning of the March break. Drove up Friday afternoon and arrive just after the published start time. Found a...

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History of the Haliburton Scout Reserve Crests

If you are interested in the history of the badges you might like to read the series of articles published in the HSR Alumni Thunderbird newsletter. The series of five articles trace...

updated Mar 26, 2017, 2:35 PM

Hamilton Badge Swap and Auction

Drove down to Hamilton first thing in the morning, to be there for the start at 9am. All the regular were there. Was able to pick up the last outstanding Hamilton Apple Day badge from Tom...

posted November 06, 2016, 10:55 AM

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The website has hundreds of pages (containing thousands of images), each focused on a different theme, which can be accessed using the links on the left side of each page.

On each page there are thumbnail images of badge. If you click on the thumbnail, a larger image of the badge will be displayed. Along with each thumbnail I have included the name I use to identify it. If you want to contact me about a specific badge, referencing the name I use will allow me to zero in on the badge you are interested in.



I use five symbols to indicate a badge's status. Each symbol could represents one or more badges. I use the symbols as follows:


The blue hand lets you know that I am interested in obtaining one of these badges. I may have indicated that I have this badge in my collection and in this case I am looking to get another one for my collection, or for a friend.


The black delivery truck indicates the badge is enroute to me by either a trade or purchase. When the badge arrives I will determine if it is to become part of my collection or if I plan to trade it.


The orange case indicates this badge is part of my collection and I will probably want to keep it. It is unlikely that I be willing to trade this badge. However if the right deal comes along...


The green handshake lets you know I have one of these badges and I am willing to trade it. If you want to suggest a trade, you can send me a message by using my Contact Me form.


The black envelope lets you know I have already traded this badge.

It would be possible to have all icons associated with a badge. That would indicate

  1. I am looking to obtain another of this badge,
  2. I have one being shipped to me,
  3. I have another in my collection that I am keeping,
  4. I have another I am willing to trade and
  5. I have already trade away one of this badge.



Collection Database Statistics

Currently the database system I have developed is tracking 15,155 individual badges catagorized as follows:

Catalogued Uncatalogued Total
Want 486 139 625
Enroute 3 2 5
Collection 3,214 3,231 6,445
Traders 3,341 3,529 6,870
Swapped 496 803 1,299
Total 7,567 7,849 15,416